+++ Downtime tonight at 10:00 pm MEZ / 01:00 pm PST +++

  Repetico , 2016-11-17

Due to a server migration, Repetico will be unreachable tonight from 22 pm for some time (we estimate up to an hour).

Maintenance break at 2:00 MESZ (Europe/Berlin)

  klaus_ediscio , 2015-07-22

In the coming night (at least here in Germany it will be night at the time ;-) ) there will be a maintenance break for about 4 hourse. The Ediscio database will be moved to an advanced version of the platform. Backups of the database exist, so no need to worry.

Database connection was gone for a couple of minutes

  klaus_ediscio , 2013-01-09

The connection between the webserver and the database of Ediscio was lost for some minutes, which resulted in a cryptic error message on the screens of some users. I apologize for this.

According the overall performance of the site, there will probably be an improvement on the server side this year. :-)

Harddisk space was temporarily full

  klaus_ediscio , 2011-12-04

Hello all,

This evening, Ediscio behaved a little bit strange temporarily. The rason for that was a lack of hard disk space. Ediscio's hardddisk is not small, but the automatic deletion of old backup files had failed for some unknown reason. I freed lots of space - now Ediscio should be back to normal. Sorry for any problems!


New design online

  klaus_ediscio , 2011-11-06

A new version of Ediscio's user interface is online. Now, the menu bar on the top should be visible all the time, even if you scroll down a longer page. Additionally, if you hover above "Your chums", for some seconds you see a compact list of all online chums. And: The number of new mails is updated constantly, without you having to reload the whole page. All in all, the width of the whole browser frame is now seized nearly to its whole extent.

Some other things included in this update:

  • You can share your learning results via Twitter and Facebook
  • You can see learning-statistics even folder-related (PRO-version required)
  • You can delete cards if you created them - even if it's not your cardbox

That's it for now, I hope you can give me a little feedback about the new design.

Regards, Klaus

New variety of Ediscio Mobile for older mobile phones

  klaus_ediscio , 2011-10-17

For those of you using older or exotic mobile phones, on which Ediscio Mobile didn't work properly yet, there is now a new variant of it which uses web technologies in a more conservative way - that means, no JavaScript. So, if you are experiencing problems with mobile.ediscio.com, just give http://x.ediscio.com a try!

Ediscio FREE and Ediscio PRO

  klaus_ediscio , 2011-10-09

Dear Users,

In the near future, there will be two types of accounts on Ediscio: "Ediscio FREE" and "Ediscio PRO". For one of the two, "Ediscio PRO", a very small monthly fee will have to be paid.

The background is the following: As operator of Ediscio, I have to pay bills for web server usage, backup-server-space and cloud-space for images and sound files. This alone is quite a lot, because the number of users has increased up to about 23.000. Additionally, I spent a lot of time developing and maintaining Ediscio.
For a certain time, I tried to cover the costs by donations and had placed a banner for that on Ediscio. That did not work, though I received some donations.
Financing Ediscio by ads wouldn't work - clicks on banners would generate hardly any money, and a division of Ediscio into an ad-free and an ad-overloaded version (with payment for the ad-free version) would probably not work due to the existence of ad-blockers.

Thus, we will have the division into Ediscio FREE and Ediscio PRO. You will be able to learn and work properly with Ediscio FREE, but Ediscio PRO will offer some advanced features. And it will cost a really affordable amount. I hope this will convince at least some of you! :-) I will start Ediscio FREE and PRO on next Sunday.

Something additional: As many of you did not like the disappearance of the cardbox catalog, I tried to find a way to switch it back online, and I found one. The catalog will be back, but there will not be all public cardboxes in the catalog by default. The cardbox creators will have to explicitly request a publication of their boxes in the catalog. Despite this little overhead, I'm sure you will find a lot of the most popular cardboxes in the catalog. :-)


Proposal: Private notes?

  klaus_ediscio , 2011-03-02

As you know, you can add notes to every flashcard. Currently, every note someone added to a flashcard, can be read by anyone who is allowed to see the whole cardbox. Advantage of that is that everyone can profit from notes of other users.

Now a user had the idea to make every note private, so you can only see notes which you created by yourself. For discussion about the flashcard, everycard has its own forum anyway.

What do you think?

Activity Log

  klaus_ediscio , 2011-02-28

As you may have noticed, the loading time of the main page can be quite slow, especially if you have a lot of "chums" on Ediscio. Reason for that is the activity feed on the bottom of the page. It used to show you all activities of yourself and your "chums". For me it's something that makes sense, but it could be that you don't really need it. So I decided to make it an option if you want to see the activities not only of yourself, but also of your chums! You can switch this option under "Settings" / "Appearance" / "Information about your chums".

For now, I made the default for all existing users, not to show the activities of your chums. So, if you want to have it back (at the cost of a slower main page), you have to go to your settings at least once! :)