Upgrade to Repetico for Teachers

You have the following advantages when using Repetico for Teachers:

  • All PRO-features included
  • Hosting of all data in Germany
  • Unlimited possibilities for customization of your cards:
    • Rich text formatting (underline, italic, bold, lists, tables, and much more)
    • Including pictures and MP3s or even YouTube-Videos into your cards
    • Creating multiple choice, single choice, and normal cards
  • Lots of different study modes, including the highly-effective study-schedule
  • Every pupil can use the mobile apps to study on the go
  • No advertisements by third-parties on the platform
  • Assign up to 250 cardsets to each course
  • Invite up to 500 attendees to each course


  • PRO-Accounts for attendees of the courses are NOT included. That means that attendees have to work with the limitations of the FREE account, unless they purchase a PRO-account individually.

    One important limitation of the FREE account is that only 2 cardsets can be active at the same time. As leader of a course, you can assign more than 2 cardsets to each attendee, but attendees who use the FREE account will have to organize which 2 of these cardsets are active.

Observe the progress of all course attendees:

Find out which cards are statistically the most difficult for the course: