Are you interested in cooperating with Repetico?

1. App testing


You are an avid user of the Repetico app and would like to help us to improve the app based on real user feedback? Then become a Repetico beta tester! All you have to do is give detailed feedback. In return we would like to thank Repetico PRO months with you. If you are interested, please contact

Tell us in the email which device you use and your username or email with which you are logged in with us as well as:

  1. a) If you have an Android device, we need your email address
  2. b) If you are an iOS user, we need your AppleID (email address)

to add you as a Betauser.

2. Authoring

You are an expert in a certain field of expertise and always wanted to share your knowledge as a writer with others digitally? Then you're in the right place at Repetico! We offer you the opportunity to digitally market your knowledge and make it available to all end devices. This will give you an easy entry into the e-learning area and a perfect complement to your content.
With us, you benefit from a fair commission model and a risk-free entry into the world of digital learning content. The sales and invoicing are taken care by Repetico. In addition, we will send you your sales overview and your profit sharing at agreed intervals. If you are interested, feel free to contact

3. Publishing as company

You are a part of a specialist publisher who already has a large portfolio of interesting content, and would like to offer it digitally? Then take advantage of the opportunity to transfer your products efficiently from the print area to all devices and thus on the one hand to save costs for printing and shipping, on the other hand, but above all, to significantly increase your reach within your mobile target group. With Repetico, you not only can digitize your content, and have also the opportunity to distribute it immediately. Benefit from the double marketing by the publisher itself as well as through our Repetico-Shop - and without risk or unnecessary investment costs. If you are interested, feel free to contact