Terms of use

  • The websites www.Repetico.de and www.Repetico.com are called collectively "Repetico".
  • Subsequently, any person who has a member account on Repetico called "Users".

I. Content and copyrights on Repetico

  • Each user is responsible for all content that he enters on Repetico and stores, ie text, images, MP3 files, responsible.
  • In all the flashcards that creates or modifies a user, he is obliged to ensure that no copyright to restricted content is included.
  • Each user confirms and guarantees against Repetico that it has all necessary right, power and authority to his / her content to publish.
  • Each user acknowledges that he is transmitting or is for all content that he created while using Repetico, and the impact of his actions (including any loss or damage which may arise Repetico or third parties in this case, is liable.
  • If a user set contents on Repetico that violate the law, then the operator of Repetico reserves the right to remove the content immediately.
  • The independently developed by users and set content to be publicly available may still be used in accordance with the Creative Commons License.
  • For non-public disclosures content that does not infringe copyright third, the copyright remains with the user.

II. Responsibility of the operator of Repetico

  • The operator of Repetico is in no way responsible for the content uploaded by users and does not endorse this.
  • Repetico only provides technical service for the production, storage and exchange of the different tabs.
  • A monitoring all content posted on possible legal violations is not feasible and is therefore in principle not take place.
  • Of course, but the operator Repetico responds to violations of the law by a legitimate message and deletes infringing content then immediately.

III. Correctness of content on Repetico

  • All content on Repetico be created by the users of this site. There is no official information from universities, educational institutions or other institutions.
  • The correctness of the content of this site is not guaranteed. All content is continuously created by the users of the Site and / or modified. A check for correctness by Repetico is not possible here.

IV. Code of Conduct

  • On Repetico no racist, hateful or offensive language in any possible form are permitted here.
  • On Repetico netiquette must be adhered to.
  • The operator of Repetico reserves the right user accounts of users who do not play by the rules of conduct set aside.

V. Reliability and availability of Repetico

  • A constant availability of Repetico is not guaranteed.
  • Each user is prompted to make yourself as thoroughly as possible precaution in the event that Repetico fails. This should regularly print or export functions for the respective learning materials are used. Thus, each user ensure that it be created here learning material also is available if Repetico fails times - what Repetico at any time as always happen with any Internet site.

VI. Privacy

  • The e-mail address and optionally the real name of a user, if stored at Repetico not be passed on to third parties.
  • The data stored in a user Repetico learning statistics also remain protected as long as the user has not been granted the opportunity to see explicitly another user. (This makes a user implicitly when he befriended on Repetico with another user.)
  • Apply separately stored Privacy

VII. Repetico FREE and PRO Repetico

  • A user receives the PRO status if he pays the specified amount for the period given in each case.
  • If a user pay via PayPal, the pro status is activated only when the payment by PayPal was marked as "Completed".
  • In case of payment by bank transfer can not and should there be a significant delay of activation of the PRO status for the user.
  • In the case of paying by PayPal can and may in case of technical complications also be a delay of activation of the PRO status.
 VIII. Misuse of Repetico
  • If there are links to other websites in a cardset (title, description, content or any other related part), or if there is any content which could cause legal violations, like copyright violations, Repetico has the right to remove or restrict access to this cardset.
  • You may NOT use Repetico as advertising platform, i.e. advertise your products or link to your products.

IX. Other

  • For learning and exam success there is no warranty on the part of the operator of Repetico.
  • The operator of Repetico reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.
  • The operator of Repetico preserves the right to remove any user content in case of violation by a user to these terms and conditions. In the case of repeated offense, he reserves the right to close any appropriate user accounts.