Frequently asked questions

  • What is Repetico?
    With Repetico you can create questions alone or in a team and collect it from online and mobile scientifically proven in intervals your flashcards / multiple choice.
  • What are the advantages of the online flashcards Repetico compared to paper index cards?
    The main advantages are:
    • Automatic resubmission your flashcards: Repetico remembers for each flash card when you you have recently queried and stores them in you scientifically proven time intervals for resubmission.

    • You can create flashcards together with your friends.

    • Find flashcards faster: you can find in seconds your flashcards

  • Are there backups at regular intervals?
    Yes, we create a full database backup every day.
  • Is Repetico intended to be permanent, or is there a risk that the service is quit at some time?
    With exactly this question we set at the beginning of the project, particularly intensively. And it was clear that we contribute to the creation of a site like this a far greater responsibility than the operator of many other pages. This is true even for all pages where users store personal data - such as e-mail systems, tasks planner, online word processing etc .. An e-learning website such as this can be a key component of a test preparation and should be and remain available every case. To come so to the point: We have come to the conclusion that the probability of setting our service is relatively low. From a business point, the side self carries itself in -. In our view unlikely - event of bankruptcy, it would be seen economic sense to continue the site to operate and maintain, if only for the sake of our business partners, so the publishers that our page offer their learning content for sale. We are absolutely confident that Repetico will establish long-term and exist.
  • Can I use Repetico for free?
    Yes, you can try for free and build up to 2 sets of flashcards with 200 flashcards Repetico. If you want to use Repetico with all its premium features, you can order from 1,50 € / month Repetico a per access.
  • How do I get free access to Repetico?
    Just sign up on And after a few seconds, you can already create your first set of cards and create the first index cards.
  • What are the advantages of Repetico Pro compared to Repetico Free?
    An overview of the differences between Repetico Free and Pro Repetico found here:
  • Will my Repetico PRO account be extended automatically?
    No, your Repetico per access is not automatically renewed. Your card sets that you have created in the meantime, stay well received. If you want to use Repetico as per-user further, you can always re-order a Repetico per access.
  • Are there also quality tested flashcards for Repetico?
    Yes, in our integrated flashcards shop you can find a list of all quality-tested flashcards from publishers and authors.
  • Is there the possibility to import flashcards, e.g. from Excel? Is there an export feature?
    Yes. Repetico provides you with both an import and an export feature. You can, for example, an Excel spreadsheet (2 columns consisting of 1 column = column 2 = question and answer) saved in CSV format and then import it. Also, print, export as a Word document, HTML or PDF is possible. These functions are exclusively for self-created index cards.
  • Can I also add multimedia learning content such as images, audio files or mathematical / scientific formulas? 
    Yes, you can display both images and audio files as well as math formulas. Give it a once off. :-)
  • Can I share my flashcards?
    Yes. Repetico allows you to invite your friends and learning group partners, so that you can create with you cards. Just click Invite people and invite your friends!
  • Can I study on my smartphone or tablet PC?
    NEW: Get the Repetico app at
    Yes, Repetico enables you to use the cards that you have created on your PC or MAC even on your smartphone (iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone, Blackberry), or Tablet PC (iPad, etc.) to learn.
    For that you have you just open your using your brower on your smartphone