Our pricing model -FREE and PRO

What is Repetico Free?

This is our free version that lets you try Repetico and create up to 2 sets of 200 flashcards each. If you want to use Repetico with all its premium features, you can order a Repetico PRO account from 1.67 Euro / month.

How do I get free access to Repetico?

Just log in via All you need is a username and a valid email address. After just a few seconds you can already create your first set of cards, create the first index cards and learn.

What is Repetico PRO?

Repetico PRO is our extended paid version. You can purchase it for a month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. It offers you many extensions and helpful features compared to the free version. These include, for example:

- Unlimited creation of card sets
- 200 sets of cards that can have at the same time in the learning plan
- Creating multiple choice tasks
- More storage space for media
- More flashcards per card set
- Detailed learning statistics
- No third-party advertising
- Etc.

What are the exact differences between FREE and PRO?

An overview with all the differences between Repetico Free and Repetico PRO can be found here:

Is it a subscription? Will my Repetico PRO access be extended automatically?

No, this is not a subscription. Therefore, your Repetico PRO access will not be extended automatically. If you want to continue using Repetico as a PRO user, you can always order a Repetico PRO account again.

Can I test Repetico PRO?

You can buy the PRO version and if this does not meet your expectations, you can cancel within the 2 weeks (statutory withdrawal period). For in-app purchases, you'll need to reverse through Apple or Google Shop.

Where can I see how long my PRO account is still active?

Web: At the top of the main menu bar on the right is a round button named "PRO". Just click on it and you'll see how long your PRO account is still active.

App: Just click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.

Do I need a Repetico PRO account to learn the index cards available in the flashcard shop?

No, also with Repetico FREE you can learn the index cards which are available in the shop.

What happens to my tabs created with PRO account when the PRO account has expired?

Your card sets that you have already created will be retained. However, you can only keep two sets of cards in the same time in the learning plan. After expiration of the PRO status, only two sets of cards can be learned simultaneously. Also, in the calculation of the learning algorithm, only the active card sets are considered in the algorithm. The remaining card sets are deactivated. Which card sets you want to keep in the active state, you can decide by yourself and change at any time by activating or deactivating it.

Is there a lifelong access available?

No, we do not yet offer the opportunity to purchase a lifetime license. However, we are discussing internally whether we will set this up for you in the future.

Is there a way to pause the PRO access?

No, at present we do not offer the possibility to pause your PRO account.