Technical questions

System requirements for using Repetico

Web: Because Repetico is a web application, it works independently of the operating system. But it should be one of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera. We no longer support Internet Explorer.
App: Android - from v4.0.3 upwards | iOS - from iOS 9 upwards

Which devices can I use to learn with Repetico?

You can use Repetico with your PC, with your mobile phone or even with your tablet.

With these links you can download the Repetico app:

- Android:

- iOS:

Repetico also allows you to use the full functionality of the website also on your smartphone or tablet with an adapted design for smaller screens. Simply open the browser on your smartphone

Can I use Repetico on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Repetico on multiple devices.

Are backups made at regular intervals?

Yes, a full database backup is created daily.

I would like to have a link to my Repetico desktop. How does it work?

You can create a desktop icon by dragging the web link (e.g., from the bar to your desktop.

Can I edit and learn flashcards offline?

Without Internet connection, you can learn with the Repetico app but not create or edit card sets.

Will my learning content, statistics and learning points be synchronized when I'm learning on different devices?

Yes, the learning statistics and index cards / records will be synced, as long as you sign up with the same account and have an existing internet connection. In the app, you can also bring the sync by dragging the home screen manually, should the synchronization not take place automatically.